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Destinee Byrd

United States Naval Academy

Since leaving RB, I attended the Naval Academy Prep School for a year and I am now a plebe at the United States Naval Academy. The program is challenging but extremely rewarding. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, and I thank God for getting me here.

The Assisi Scholars Program definitely helped prepare me because the program introduced to challenging academic classes. Taking those classes helped me learn how to push myself and work hard when my natural ability in certain subjects was put to the test. While I wasn’t awesome at Calculus, I was able to take it again at the prep school and I am now taking Calculus II as a plebe. The program also helped me recognize that the great things in life don’t come easy. Taking challenging classes was a lot of work, but getting to go to Italy made it all worth it.

“The most valuable aspect of the Assisi Scholars Program is the discipline and resilience it ingrains in the students. Those two characteristics make up my foundation now. I have made multiple mistakes already whether it be in a military perspective or from an academic stance. However, having discipline and resilience allows me to learn from my mistakes and keep moving.”

Destinee Byrd Class of 2019