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Operational Sustainability

At Roger Bacon, sustaining our operational vitality is central to accomplishing our goals in education, programs, and facilities. Roger Bacon provides an exceptional educational experience, and we will strive to continuously improve our efforts for young men and women that we serve. Through prudent fiscal management, increased Endowment, effective governance and leadership, a stable student body, a strong marketing program, and an inspired charitable culture, Roger Bacon will be prepared for the future ahead of us. Roger Bacon will continue to position itself operationally to be affordable for the majority of families seeking a Catholic, Franciscan education, with or without state or federal assistance.


Increase the Endowment Fund

  • Increasing the Endowment Fund is a vital part of prudent fiscal management and key to the long-term financial viability of the school.

Build Strong Governance and Leadership

  • The merger of the Franciscan provinces and relocation of provincial headquarters outside the Cincinnati area highlights the need for a strong organizational structure

Stabilize the Student Population

  • Roger Bacon will strive to find and attract new families to enhance our overall student body and support our mission.

Connect with Stakeholders, Past Parents, & Alumni

  • In order to position Roger Bacon for the future, we must nurture our legacy.