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Roger Bacon Honors the Top 5% in Each Class

As Roger Bacon recognizes exceptional academic achievement this week, today highlights the Top 5% in each respective class.

Students recognized today as being ranked in the Top 5% of their classes are:

Class of ’21 Natalie Borgert, Victoria Gruenwald, Claire Hogshead, Grace Hogshead, Anna Kowalski, Samantha Mumper, Evan Webb

Class of ’22 Jocelyn Carraher, Dylan Cianciolo, Nathan Drago, Alaina Finan, Cammy Niesen, Dylan Rolfert

Class of ’23 Elizabeth Dalessandro, Grace Hoffmann, John Kenny, Daniel Kowalski, Bernadette Peck, Olivia Radecki, Elise Schellingerhout

Class of ’24 Maria Buerger, Alexander Edmondson, Kaeley Hawkins, Daphne McCabe, Elise Meyer, Kelsey Niesen, Julia Whitman