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Roger Bacon Announces the Top 5% In Each Class

Roger Bacon welcomes the month of May by beginning its annual recognition of students for their outstanding accomplishments. This includes exceptional academic achievement, as well as scholarships and awards the students have earned for their outstanding contribution to Roger Bacon both in the classroom and out.

Today we are honored to recognize the TOP 5% of students in each respective class.

Congratulations to:

Seniors: Maria Buerger, Alex Edmondson, Daphne McCabe, Kelsey Niesen, Julia Whitman, and Kaeley Hawkins (not pictured)

Juniors: Brayden Fletcher, Eli Goecke, Morgan Heinrich, Kayla Kilgore, Myla Rodenberg and Maya DeStazio (not pictured)

Sophomores: Gabe Ater de Lemos, Peggy Boyle, Chloe Garcilazo, Claudia Hoffmann, Ben Powers, Charlotte Strouble, Camila Valle Flores

Freshman: Zoey Eagan, Kaitlyn Hutzel, Maggie McCormick, Molly Mohr, Helen Russell, Karis Stoxen, and Claudia Veach

Forward to Greater Things!