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RB Students Say "Thank You" as Part of CSW Celebration

As part of Roger Bacon's 2023 Catholic Schools Week celebration, last week Roger Bacon students had the opportunity to show gratitude to those in their life that have helped make a Roger Bacon education possible. Students were given the opportunity to write "thank you" letters to parents and those important people in their life whose sacrifices have helped propel them to Roger Bacon, and Forward to Greater Things.

Enjoy a few of the selected quotes from our students, and see the link below for even more.

Thank you for all that you do!

"I am grateful that my parents have been such wonderful supporters of my education and for sending me to Roger Bacon. I’ve really been so lucky to be able to have the teachers I have and to be able to find my own community and family of friends here."

"I am thankful for my parents: for taking the time money and stress of putting up with getting me to and from school every day, helping me with my studies, and providing me with success."

"To my parents, I appreciate the amount of love and effort that goes into my catholic education here at Roger Bacon. I know I fit in here, and I wouldn't have found that sense of community without you both. I love you."

"To my Dad, that despite his long work days, he sacrifices his time to get me to school, pick me up, and take me to sports practices. He pays my tuition and sports fees, he supports me in everything I do."

"To my parents that always support me even if I’m in the wrong, thank you. You always have the best interest in me, and have sacrificed so much for our family."

"I’m very thankful for my parents who have helped me throughout my entire high school career. Whether it’s through financial support, moral support, or driving me to and from school, they always find a way to help out. Thank you."

"I’m grateful for my parents for sending me to a Catholic school. It’s been amazing to be a part of community like this. The people, teachers, and quality of education make this school as great as it is."

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