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The month of March celebrates Theatre in Our Schools, Music in Our Schools AND Women’s History so what better way to end the month than with a great performance! Watch this special sneak peek of sophomore Nia Buchannon and Mr. Montgomery’s Music Theory class as they perform a song from the original cut of Once On This Island, “Come Down From the Tree”. Once On This Island follows the story of a strong female determined to save her love and guided by the gods of earth, water, death and love. Her mother, Mama Euralie, sings tenderly to encourage her daughter Ti Moune to find the courage to seek her path!

See this performance here.

How to see the show

Catch Nia and the rest of the Cast & Crew for FREE in the online stream of Once On This Island. There are only two dates and times that you can watch the musical so mark your calendars now! The show is free but you’ll need the link on (available April 11th).

Free Online Stream

Saturday, April 17th – 7:30pm

Sunday, April 18th – 2:00pm

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