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Magnified Giving - Roger Bacon Students Earn Grants for Charitable Organizations

As part of their Service Learning class taught by Father Roger Lopez, several Roger Bacon students were given the opportunity to learning about a service organization inside and out, they were given an opportunity to earn a $1,000 grant to help the organization.

Students worked in small groups as they chose an organization of interest, and then using a small seed grant provided by the Mayerson Foundation, were able to create projects to help those organizations. Projects included thing such as protective face coverings for a food pantry, journals for foster children, and much needed repairs for a summer camp.

The team of Ethan Kiefer, Ian DeNome, Brody Perkins, and Cory Schaefer were able to secure a $1,000 grant for their organization, Camp River Ridge, a camp that offers participants a chance to strengthen their faith while also challenging their courage and strength. The RB students donated their $200 seed money, but also countless hours of their time, to make much needed improvements to the camp.

Roger Bacon chose to match the $1,000 grant for a second organization. Paige Hodge and Maleah Sherman secured the $1,000 grant for their organization, Focus on Youth, which improve the lives of children by providing strengths-based foster care, adoption, and mental health services that promote the permanency, safety, and well-being of youth. Paige and Maleah used their $200 seed money to create personalized journals with encouraging messages for support for the children that this organization services, providing much needed hope in a difficult situation.

Congratulations to all of the participants!