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Junior Class Raises $1450 for KIVA

Roger Bacon's junior class joined together to raise and donate $1450 in micro loans this week for KIVA, an organization that allows people to lend money via the internet around the world to candidates such as low-income entrepreneurs, those looking to expand current business ventures, or students hoping to jump start their education. These loans are divided into $25 increments to make lending accessible to all. The $1450 bests the $1300 raised by last years junior class.

As part of their morality class, junior students are challenged to show a Preferential Option for the Poor and Solidarity. Students worked in teams to chose a worthy profile from Kiva site, and then create projects about the individual (s) that they chose. The students then presented these projects to a panel of teachers and staff in hopes of being granted financial aid for their chosen individual.

Five projects were chosen to receive a portion of the $1450 dollars which lent out to individuals in the United El Salvador, Africa, and other underdeveloped countries. This is the eighth year that junior Morality classes have lent money through Kiva. Roger Bacon students have lent almost $10,000 to more than 30 different countries in the past eight years.

For more information about Kiva or micro lending visit