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Brandon Saho Shares The Mental Game with RB Students

Roger Bacon students were given a chance to better understand the value of taking care of each other and their mental health as former WLWT television personality and Cincinnati native Brandon Saho shared his mental health journey.

Mr. Saho is a LaSalle High School (2011) and University of Cincinnati (2015) graduate that has been very open about his 15-year battle with depression, including thoughts about suicide. His journey led him to quit his job in August of 2022 and start The Mental Health Game in hopes that by interviewing other notable athletes, celebrities, and public figures about mental health, he can not only increase awareness, but help others find their own way through life's obstacles and challenges.

The message to Roger Bacon students today was to take care of each other, be open to the struggles of those around you and what they may be going through, and be willing to seek help and talk about your own struggles with those who care about you.