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2023 Summer Projects

Summertime around Roger Bacon is a busy time of year. See below for projects and improvements coming to campus this summer!

  • Front Apron Renovation. We are working with Prus Construction on this renovation. This project, part of the makeover for our 100th anniversary celebration, includes increased green space, seating for 60 students (in a St. Francis and a St. Clare area), historical timeline of key events in Roger Bacon/OLA history, building lighting and a new concrete apron. This renovation is being coordinated with the replacement of the sidewalk from Vine St. to the main building and the grinding/replacement of the blacktop in the front circle. The front circle will be widened.
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) System. Work on the installation in the east wing classrooms continues during the evening and non-school hours. Cassettes have been mounted in all the classrooms. This use of personnel helps us avoid premium personnel costs to install in the summer and should make final summer installation quicker. Once complete, all classrooms and common areas in the building will have air conditioning and heating units.
  • Chemistry Lab Renovation. Work is underway to renovate the Chemistry Lab. Lab stations will be redesigned to permit ease of use for both lectures and lab activities. Work will take place over the summer and the lab will be ready for use at the beginning of the 2023/24 school year. We are working with Br. Gene Mayer, OFM to ship replaced equipment and supplies to Ghana to support a school located there.
  • Stadium Storage Barn Upgrade. The southern storage barn will be redesigned inside to permit the installation of a practice golf simulator, a medical storage room, and additional storage for athletic equipment. We are currently in the design phase.
  • Interior Security Cameras. We are installing 4 interior cameras with internal assets – anticipated completion date is the summer of 2023.