The Pilgrimage

The culmination of the Assisi Scholars Program is a pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome, Italy during the senior year. Rooted in Franciscan tradition, this is a unique opportunity for Roger Bacon students that no other area high school can provide. The Pilgrimage is a great way for students not only to travel the world, but to live and witness the teachings of Saints Francis and Clare.

Roger Bacon faculty and administration have been taking this pilgrimage for years.


"I returned from Assisi with a with a greater understanding of the gift of being in the world and the need to step away from the world.  As educators, we often struggle to balance both service and contemplation, but spending time in and around Assisi helped me to see how these two aspects of our ministry work together.  I was inspired by the strength of the friendship between St. Francis and St. Clare and the courage both of these individuals had to follow Jesus, even if those around them did not understand how they lived their faith." 

– Ms. Julie Vehorn, Director of Academics/English Teacher

"My pilgrimage provided a clearer understanding of what it really means to be Franciscan.  I experienced a connection like never before of the goodness of God within me, my fellow pilgrims, and the world around us.  I am a better person for having walked some of the same paths as St. Francis and St. Clare"

– Mr. Tom Burke, President of Roger Bacon High School

"The pilgrimage allowed me to become more fully aware of the roots of our Franciscan charisms and to be truly inspired by the life of Saint Francis and his perpetual attempt to follow Jesus more closely.It also provided me with the invaluable time for personal discernment and rejuvenation.It was a humbling experience to be able to iterally walk in the footsteps of St. Francis, a saint who has inspired not only Catholics but individuals from various religious backgrounds for centuries.If I could describe it in one word, it would be--gift."

– Ms. Alicia Ausere, Theology Department