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New Riff Spartan Bourbon

Spartan Nation, the Roger Bacon holiday bourbon release is back again! We had an another incredible opportunity to purchase a barrel of New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon. New Riff is a local distilling company located in Newport, Kentucky. The tasting panel tasted 5 different barrels during the selection process. We ended up choosing a barrel that we thought a bourbon aficionado and a casual bourbon drinker would love.

The flavor profiles for this barrel pick came from one of the Master Distillers at New Riff Distillery. Aroma: Fresh Vanilla, Maple, Woody // Palate: Nutty, Rich Caramel, Fruity.

The bottle is 750ml and will have a Spartan head etched on the back of the bottle. There will also be a custom label included in the package. Finally, the top of the bottle will be dipped in wax!

With the purchase of this $100 ticket you will get a 1/165 bottle of bourbon. Bottles can NOT be shipped. They must be picked up once they arrive to Roger Bacon. Customers will be notified when bottles arrive. They are expected to arrive in the middle of November.

Please email David Olson with any questions.