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Cleaning, Disinfection & Hand Hygiene

Per the American Academy of Pediatrics:

  • “The main mode of COVID-19 spread is from person to person, primarily via droplet transmission.For this reason, strategies for infection prevention should center around this form of spread, including physical (social) distancing, face coverings, and hand hygiene.”

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • “Support healthy hygiene behaviors by providing adequate supplies…
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces (e.g., door handles, sink handles, drinking fountains) within the school at least daily or between use as much as possible.”
  • “Develop a schedule for increased, routine cleaning and disinfection.”

Several key policies, procedures and expectations regarding the maintenance of a healthy environment are as follows:

  • Signage and messaging, both visual and oral, will reinforce proper hand hygiene and the need to sanitize hands before and after eating, using the restroom and using shared equipment, including computer equipment, keyboards, art supplies, gym equipment, etc. Signage will be posted in highly visible locations, especially high-traffic areas to reinforce these best practices.
  • Additional hand-sanitizing stations will be installed at all main entrances to the school.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom and office space within the building, to include the cafeteria, Thomas J. Fogarty Center, Fine Arts Center and Fitness Center.
  • Classrooms (i.e., desks, high-touch areas) will be disinfected after each change of class.Materials (spray-bottled disinfectant, microfiber cloths, etc.) will be positioned in each classroom for easy use.
  • Bathrooms and other common areas will be disinfected on a frequent and regular basis – especially after lunch periods.
  • Frequently used surfaces, such as drinking fountains, door handles, sinks and faucet handles, etc. will be cleaned and disinfected at least daily and as often as possible.
  • Surfaces that are not high touch, such as bookcases, cabinets, wall boards, etc. will be cleaned on a regular basis according to our cleaning schedule.
  • UV light (kills viruses and bacteria) will be used to sanitize lab equipment in-between student use.
  • The use of shared materials will be minimized.
  • Adequate supplies will be on hand to support healthy hygiene behaviors, including hand sanitizer (with at least 60 percent alcohol), paper towels, tissues, disinfectant (bottled and wipes), cloth face coverings (one provided to each student and 5,000 disposable face masks for emergency use) and no-touch trash cans.

As always, thank you for your assistance and cooperation as we navigate challenges associated with the starting of school.