Assisi Scholars Program

Academic, spiritual and leadership growth

The Assisi Scholars Program is the most unique and selective program in the city for high achieving students. The Program is designed to offer rigorous academic, spiritual and leadership growth. Students will demonstrate their excellence in academics and in other school and community initiatives. Scholars will be rewarded for their achievements with a pilgrimage to Assisi, Italy in their senior year!

Based on the principles embodied in the Roger Bacon Mission Statement, students will develop their “hearts, minds, and bodies in a caring and challenging environment.” Modeled after the values of St. Francis of Assisi and the scholarship of Friar Roger Bacon, a scientist of the thirteenth century, the Program is designed to elicit the talents of our students and demonstrate the Roger Bacon High School philosophy of, “Mens sana in corpore sano” (a sound mind in a healthy body.)

Honors and Assisi Scholar Program Overview By Grade Level

Honors Freshmen--Getting to know Roger Bacon High School and Expectations

  • Students adjust to the Roger Bacon High School and learn the skills necessary to excel in honors-level courses in all core subjects--Math, Science, English, and Social Studies.
  • Honor students attend select field trips with Assisi Scholars and learn more about the program.
  • Students who have maintained honor-roll status each quarter may apply for the Assisi Scholars Program during the second semester. Following an application process and interview, the students will be evaluated for membership as an Assisi Scholar beginning in the sophomore year.

Sophomore Year--Exploring Opportunities

  • Assisi Scholars continue to maintain honor roll status each quarter.
  • Students participate in field trips, evening programs, and workshops organized by the program.
  • Scholars take a PSAT test as a baseline in preparation for future testing.

Junior Year-Learning from Research

  • Assisi Scholars work with the program director and the faculty advisor to select a research topic for the capstone that is delivered in the senior year.
  • Scholars take part in seminars, field trips, and visits to universities, business, and other events organized by the program.
  • Scholars enroll in a PSAT prep course at no additional charge.
  • Assisi Scholars conduct research for the capstone and collaborate with an external mentor as needed.

Senior Year-Broadening Horizons

  • Assisi Scholars experience a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi, Italy.
  • Scholars continue to take part in seminars, field trips, and visits to universities, business, and other events organized by the program.
  • Scholars deliver the Assisi Scholar Capstone Presentation in the Spring.

Assisi Scholar Curriculum Overview

Freshmen Sophomore Junior Senior
Theology 9 Theology 10 Theology 11 Theology 12
Honors English 9 Honors English 10 AP® English Language and Composition AP® English Literature and Composition
Honors Algebra I or Geometry Honors Algebra II or Honors Geometry Honors Pre-Calculus or Honors Algebra II or AP Calculus AP® Calculus AB or AP® Statistics
Honors Biology Honors Chemistry Honors Physics I or AP® Biology or AP® Chemistry AP® Physics II or AP® Biology or AP®Chemistry
Honors World History AP® U.S. Government and Politics AP® U.S. History AP® Psychology or AP®Economics or AP®World History
Foreign Language Foreign Language Foreign Language Electives
Communications Electives Electives   
Health/PE/Fine Arts