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Betsy Moore


Being recognized by a former student as an outstanding teacher is wonderful enough. When the University of Chicago agrees, it is incredible. Social Studies teacher, Betsy Moore was just selected for the University of Chicago's Outstanding Educator Award.

Ms. Moore, who has been at Roger Bacon for three years, was nominated by recent grad, Keir Adams '16. Betsy said, "Keir was a pleasure to have in class. He would always have interesting and intriguing questions that helped the rest of the class think at a higher level." She was shocked to receive this award, but the rest of Roger Bacon was not. The students enjoy her classes and her energy. According to Justynn Holt '17, who has had Betsy two years in a row: "She is always energetic. My favorite class was Psychology. She is super organized and I just feel comfortable in her classroom. Ms. Moore gets a certain respect because of how relatable and amazing she is."

Betsy fell in love with Roger Bacon while student teaching with former Roger Bacon teacher, Jim Swedenberg. "It just felt like home. Jim did a great job of introducing me to other teachers and when there was an opening after I graduated from Xavier, I knew this is where I needed to be." Betsy hopes to stay at Roger Bacon for a long time - "as long as they let me stay, I want to be here!" This shines through in Betsy's involvement in our community. She is involved not only in the classroom, but is the club moderator for the Ultimate Frisbee Team and Academic Team. She also never misses an opportunity to chaperone outside of school. Betsy joined students this past summer on mission trips to Jamaica and New Orleans. Next year, she will be joining the World Languages Department on their bi-annual trip to Europe. "Working with these Spartans makes my day that much better. They really care, and I love seeing them help each other. The support throughout the entire school reinforces that feeling of home."

Betsy can be found in the cheering section at athletic events, especially basketball in the winter time. "I know I say I love the support at school, but I really love the Spartan Army. I think that our student section is so much fun and to see them out their pushing their classmates and showing school spirit is inspiring." She may be inspired by our students, but our students are definitely inspired by her.

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“I just feel comfortable in her classroom. Ms. Moore gets a certain respect because of how relatable and amazing she is.”

Justynn Holt Class of 2017