The Carpooling Connection

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Neighborhood Parent Student Email Address
Amberley Village Healy, Sean Conor sean.healy/at/
Amberley Village Herrington, Chris Gracia chris_herrington/at/
Bond Hill Booker, Harriett Taylor Harriett.Booker/at/
Bond Hill Wilson, Jennifer Taylor jennifer.wilson/at/
Cheviot Siciliano, Scott Megan s.c.siciliano/at/
Colerain Hepp, James Nicholas cincyhepps/at/
Colerain Readnower, Kelly Olivia Kaeckerle/at/
Colerain Stephens, Stephanie Catherine stephaniestephens27/at/
College Hill Back, Ray Molly rbbbfi/at/
College Hill Sherman, Meryl Maleah sherman Merylsherman39/at/
College Hill Spohr, Jean Zach jeanholland83/at/
Cumminsville Owensby, Alisha Tionna & Tyonna alishaowensby/at/
Finneytown Grooms, Jonathaner Mia jonathangrooms65/at/
Finneytown Howell, Heather Zach Heatherrobinhowell/at/
Finneytown Wall, Missy Jake melissaswall/at/
Forest Park Goodall, James James 1jgoodall/at/
Forest Park Lane, Jenni Noah Lane noahaddi2/at/
Forest Park Miles, Latrice Zion latrice1011/at/
Greenhills Lynch, Sara Sophia lyn5bry/at/
Greenhills Murray, Tricia Patrick tricialmurray/at/
Hollydale Williams, Tiffany Amaya tiffanyjmcdaniel/at/
Kennedy Heights Johnson, Latisha Jaden ljohnson76/at/
Kennedy Heights Ward, Angela Dabrelah Angela.Ward11/at/
Kenwood Fischer, Cindy Dillon cindyfischer/at/
Madisonville Talbert, Allison Aurion mrstalbert12/at/
Monfort Heights Placke, Karen Sam kplacke62/at/
Mt. Healthy Cottingham, Janet William jcoorscott/at/
Mt. Healthy Fite, Kelly Aaron & Chris kellyfite75/at/
Mt. Healthy Huy, Teri Maggie thuy/at/
Mt. Healthy Kidd, Heather Olivia Hodges heatherkidd/at/
Mt. Healthy Stuard, Lori Bryanna stuard.lori/at/
Mt. Healthy Summerlin, Dianne Jamaal dlsummerlinrn/at/
Mt. Healthy wheeler, Joyce Elizabeth wheelejo/at/
North College Hill Marshall, Trista Jayla mrstrisjohnson/at/
Northside Duchesnault, Angela Arthur Li ducharris/at/
Norwood Hargis, Christina Reikon Christinahargis/at/
Oakley Matlock, Angela Savanah & Elizabeth angela.matlock/at/
Spring Grove Village Gill, Tony Krishay Smith Mstonie2010/at/
Spring Grove Village Hart, Jennifer Stan jenzz62183/at/
Springdale Phillips, Jill Maddox Phillips jmphillips1533/at/
Springfield Township Boyd, Melinda Sujin Kim melboyd46/at/
Springfield Township Engel, Cathy Sarah engel/at/
Springfield Township Stewart, Emily Luke emily.e.stewart/at/
West Chester DaSilva, Paul Kristian zeeboie/at/
West Chester Lehmann, Amanda John Lehmann atnajlehmann/at/
Westwood Belisle, Juliane Lauren Fitzsimmons juliana.belisle/at/
Westwood Hickman, Melinda Jesse pmhickman/at/
Westwood Pryce, Melissa Zenobyia Uwamu mmajordan72/at/