Spartans spend time with students at Friars Club

Spartans spend time with students at Friars Club

On Friday, December 15th Tim Taylor, the director of the learning center program at the Friars Club, came to Roger Bacon to thank the 10 students who have been tutoring children at the Friars Club. Mr. Taylor said, “These students make a difference in the childrens' lives. They absolutely open up to the Roger Bacon kids and it has given me a new found respect for this school and the students here.”

Mr. Taylor says that the following ten students volunteer two-hours a week to the students who use the resources in the learning center at the Friars Club:

Erin Backs ‘18

Julia Mumper ‘18

Esther Aulis-Cabrera ‘19

Emma Sauer ‘19

Mikayla Stiggers ‘18

Kellen Gaither ‘18

Rose Kaetzel ‘20

Beatrice Borgert ‘18

Kevin Frederick ‘21

Serenity Murphy ‘21

The Spartans are the only high school students that volunteer in the learning center program at the Friars Club. The other volunteers are UC and XU students and retired teachers. Mr. Taylor says, “I can see such a big difference in these kids once they work with the Roger Bacon kids. We have five refugees from Uganda and they just glow once they are with the tutors from Roger Bacon.” Mr. Taylor also explained that the tutors don’t have to follow a specific routine to engage the students, and the methods that the Roger Bacon students have come up with have been great. “I am very impressed with the students from Roger Bacon and all they bring to the table here at the Friars Club. They absolutely make a difference there.”