Spartan Tutors at Annunciation School

Spartan Tutors at Annunciation School

When Annunciation school reached out to Roger Bacon with a need for afternoon tutors, Roger Bacon responded with a resounding, “Yes, we will be there.” When the decision to help the students at Annunciation was made, there had to be some adjustments around campus to be sure our kids could get to Clifton within the regular school day.

The decision was made to switch around the school’s schedule on Mondays. This was not the first time Roger Bacon has introduced a new schedule in the last school year. Students not only have 7th bell now first on Mondays to accommodate Annunciation tutors, but also block scheduling twice a month, has been incorporated. The students have adjusted well and feel that the switch up of schedules is fun and keeps them on their toes.

The Spartan tutors have been venturing to Annunciation school now since the beginning of November. The 17 RB students, ranging from sophomores to seniors are working with students mainly in Math, but have helped in other areas too. The tutors have really enjoyed their time spent with the younger students. According to Anna Kowalski ’22, “It is really cool to see the way they learn and act, and has helped me a lot, because I want to be a teacher. They have definitely made an impact on me.”

The Franciscan values are seen in real life for these students every time they visit with their new companion. The values of compassion, hospitality, human, acceptance, service and joy are all on display in their short weekly visits to Clifton. According to past Face of RB, Destinee Byrd ’19, “Tutoring at Annunciation has been very fun and I have gotten to connect with the fourth grader. I have learned how to be more patient and empathetic due to the fact that young kids get distracted easily and find themselves really excited and sad within the span of three minutes.” Another Face of RB and Annunciation graduate, TJ DeWees ’20 says, “I have enjoyed my time very much at Annunciation. Getting the students to focus can be a struggle at times, but it is all worth it. Being an alumni from Annunciation has made this much more enjoyable because I recognize kids and am helping them in the cafeteria I ate in for nine years.” 

Roger Bacon hopes to continue this partnership moving forward, as not only do the students at Annunciation benefit from this relationship, but also the Spartans.

Below is the list of students who tutor at Annunciation:

Aidan Garrett
Anna Kowalski
Anneliese Lorsbach
Destinee Byrd
Ella Baur
Endia White
Josiah McGee
Karly Niesen
Kelly Brenner
Lucas Strunc
Miriam Kolis
Rebecca Dance
Ryan Wissel
Samantha Huber
Thomas Dunn
Thomas DeWees
Wongelawit Yohannes