Roger Bacon Teacher wins VFW Ohio National Citizenship Education Teacher Award

Roger Bacon Teacher wins VFW Ohio National Citizenship Education Teacher Award

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Teacher of the Year award recognizes three exceptional teachers for their outstanding commitment to teaching Americanism and patriotism to their students. This year, Ms. Betsy Moore was recognized as the State of Ohio’s VFW National Citizenship Education Teacher. Ms. Moore, in her fourth year of teaching at Roger Bacon, was nominated by Principal Steve Schad. Betsy has a great relationship with her students and is able to make history fun. According to senior Teresa Weickert, “Ms. Moore genuinely cares for her students and makes the point to make a connection with each kid that walks through her classroom. It doesn’t surprise me that she got this awesome award. With all her hard work and dedication, she deserves it.”

Betsy was first recognized at Roger Bacon’s Veterans Assembly as the local winner of the VFW Teacher of the Year. She was notified of winning the state title after the New Year and was invited to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Mid-Winter Meeting and Banquet in Cleveland on January 20th. Betsy was shocked and flattered to receive this award, “It is such an honor to receive this award from a group of men and women whom I so deeply admire. Their commitment to serve this country, defend our freedom, and stand up for democracy provide me with the opportunity to teach about American History and our unsung heroes. The VFW does so much to support teachers, firefighters, police officers, the youth of America and veterans. Their unwavering support for uncommon heroes is touching and inspiring. I am so grateful for my principal, Steve Schad, who nominated me and wrote a letter of recommendation that brought tears to my eyes. I would also like to thank Post 10380 and District 4 for their recognition and sending my resume to the state level, specifically Jon Greene, Mike Miliam and Don Dunn.”

In his nomination letter, Principal Steve Schad described Betsy in the following words, “Innovative, dynamic, student-centered, rigorous, caring, challenging, ambitious, patriotic, and civic-minded.” Roger Bacon High School is very proud of its faculty, and believes that Betsy is just one of the many examples of how our teachers continue to develop the hearts, minds and bodies of our students in a caring and challenging environment.

To read Mr. Schad’s entire letter please read on:

October 27, 2017

To Whom it May Concern:

Innovative, dynamic, student-centered, rigorous, caring, challenging, ambitious, patriotic, and civic-minded. All these describe Betsy Moore, a social studies teacher at Roger Bacon High School. Using such original instructional strategies as “speed dating” with American historical figures, she brings American history to life for students across the socioeconomic spectrum. She promotes critical thinking and analysis using a wide range of primary historical source documents, ranging from the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to speeches and personal letters of key historical figures and political cartoons from important eras in American history. She has initiated cross-curricular collaboration to bring American history to life in non-traditional settings, such as Language Arts and Theology classes. She encourages, and more importantly, provides students with the ability to have effective discourse, both written and oral, over a wide variety of issues in a manner which respects our personal rights and unique heritage. She leads voter registration efforts in the school and promotes civic involvement in the political process.

While all the above establishes Betsy as a superb teacher, what further sets her apart is her ability to excite and challenge students – this is probably her greatest gift. Students feed off her genuine love of country and shared American heritage. They appreciate the study of our culture and history in a more personal manner. This appreciation and excitement transforms the study of American history from a succession of dates, names, and events into a real-life, relevant experience that our students want to delve into in more depth. Betsy develops a sense of passion for American history which promotes a life-long desire to understand who we are, where we have come from, and where we are going. This passion for learning, coupled with the skills to critically analyze situations from a historical perspective and have impassioned, civilized discourse regarding the topic at hand, sets her apart as an educator. As a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, I am proud to nominate Betsy for the Smart/Maher VFW National Citizenship Education Teacher Award.


Steven J. Schad