Roger Bacon Summer Projects

After the students leave the building for the summer, people may believe that not much is happening at a school. This is not true, especially at Roger Bacon High School. We will have the usual cleaning, gum scraping and waxing of floors, but we are also excited to share with our community the following improvements for the 2018-2019 school year.

  • Honors Hallway: The hallway outside of the Guidance Office and Information and Technology Center will be transformed to honor those students who have received scholarships and major awards at Roger Bacon. Franciscan friars, Sisters of Oldenburg and other religious who taught at Our Lady of Angels and Roger Bacon High School will be celebrated. Alumni who have served our country in one of the military branches will also have a dedicated place to be recognized.Additionally, the hallway will be decorated with pictures of colleges and universities that students have attended in recent years. Lastly, a dramatic panoramic image of Assisi, Italy will adorn one of the ramps to inspire all students and remind them of our patron saints, St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi.
  • Information and Technology Center (ITC): Formerly known as the library, the ITC will get an updated look. New furniture and paint job will accompany a new collaborative classroom to enable students to work in groups at stations with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Classroom Update and Office Renovations: Four classrooms in the east wing will be getting a facelift this summer - new ceilings, floors, LED lighting, painting and technology items will be installed. Two additional classrooms will also be getting new energy efficient windows.All remaining windows in classrooms on the front of the building and east wing will be tinted to improve the classroom environment. Lastly, the Guidance Office will also being getting a new look. Paint as well as some upgrades to the office will give students a place to “take a break” from the stress of school and have the opportunity to speak with their guidance counselor in a more comfortable and fresh environment.
  • Fogarty: The old hot water system will be replaced with an energy efficient and more capable instantaneous hot water system. All of those athletes who have showered in Fogarty, know it was very rare to have a hot shower. With the new system, this will not be a problem!
  • Family Bathroom: There will be a new addition to the main lobby for families and guests to Roger Bacon. In the old phone room outside the Faculty Room, a new bathroom will be added. This will provide easier access to restroom facilities for guests who are here for shows or events in the Fine Arts Center.

Roger Bacon is constantly looking to improve and grow. We are excited for these new changes and can’t wait to share them with our students, alumni and friends.