RB 180 -- Athletes hear from Coach Tentman

RB 180 -- Athletes hear from Coach Tentman

Spartan Leader, Roger Bacon's new campus ministry for athletes, held its first RB180 meeting on Wednesday, September 26. The guest speaker was Coach Solomon Tentman (Class of 2010) who delivered a speech titled “Choose God Now.” Coach Solomon emphasized to the students that they should not wait to give their life to God, Scriptures remind us that “today is the day of salvation” (2 Cor. 6:2). He also emphasized the fact that when a person gives their life to God, he or she becomes truly free because “Freedom is NOT doing what you want, it is having the ability to do what is right!” Coach Solomon told the students that he learned this invaluable lesson from Mr. Zlatic in his Theology class his senior year. Coach finished by encouraging students do strive to achieve their dreams athletically and academically, but he reminded them that a person can only thrive when he or she has a relationship with God, a lesson he learned right here at Roger Bacon.

Thank you to Coach Soloman Tentman to speaking to over 100 athletes in our first RB180 meeting of the year. 

Solomon Tentman Bio

Roger Bacon Class of 2010

3-Time Letterman on the Varsity Football Team and a Member of the Euchre Club.

GCL Player of the Year and All-State Selection his senior year

4 Year Letterman on the University of Cincinnati football team.

2-Time Big East Champions

Bachelor of Arts in Sports Administration