Online Instruction - Frequently Asked Questions

As we move to online instruction, we have put together some frequently asked questions to help guide students and parents.
This time away from the school building is still considered instructional time, and students are expected to complete all homework and assignments. All school policies and procedures remain in effect.
What tools will students be expected to use?
  • Internet access - if there are any concerns, please contact the school as soon as possible
  • iPad apps through Apple’s App Store
  • Web browser -- from student iPad or home computer
  • SpartanLink
  • Roger Bacon Email
What if the iPad breaks or malfunctions?
Staff will be available on Monday, March 16 from 7:45 A.M. - 2:45 P.M. for you to bring your iPad to campus. If there are any issues beyond this date or if you need a password reset, please call the school for assistance.
How can students be most successful during the online instruction period?
The two most important skills students need to exercise are self-discipline and advocacy. Students need to set aside intentional time in an atmosphere free of distractions every day. When there are concerns or questions, students need to make sure they are in communication with teachers or staff. Email will be the main mode of communication to achieve this. If students are struggling with content that cannot be clarified over email, please call the school for additional support and guidance.
What can parents do to help students be most successful?
Parents need to monitor both student assignments and work completion. One of the keys to successfully navigate online instruction is consistency. Please make sure to check SpartanLink and email frequently.
What if a student is too sick to participate in an online day of instruction?
If a student is too sick to participate, follow normal protocol and report them sick by calling the Main Office at 513-641-1300 by 8:00 A.M. According to our absence policy, the student will be granted two days to make up that day’s work. Since this instructional time can be made up completely in an online environment, these absences will not count toward any absence total in regard to our chronic absentee policy.
What if a student has pending study tables and/or JUGs?
All study tables and/or JUGs are now considered completed.
What should a student expect on a daily basis?
There will be an assignment or task that must be completed in each subject every day of online instruction. Teachers will email the day’s expectations by 8:00 A.M.
What about the scheduled off days of March 20 and March 26?
These WILL remain scheduled off be days.
What about Easter Break?
Easter Break is still scheduled for April 9 - April 19.
What about missing work?
Missing work will be handled that same as a normal school day on campus. An “M” for missing and a grade of zero will be entered in SpartanLink. Parents will be notified by email of any missing work. Homework JUGs will be assigned according to school policy. Although these JUGs will not be served, they will be part of a student’s disciplinary record and could be cause for further action.
When will 3rd quarter end?
3rd quarter will end on Friday, March 20.

If you have any further questions, please contact the school at 513-641-1300.