New Orleans Mission Trip

New Orleans Mission Trip

Seven students and three faculty members spent one week in the August heat of Louisiana participating in a summer mission trip. This is the third year that Roger Bacon students worked alongside members of the St. Bernard Project in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans doing construction and home renovation. 

The St. Bernard Project (SBP), was started in St. Bernard Parish, LA in 2006 to help the recovery effort after Hurricane Katrina. When the levees broke during the hurricane, the entire Lower Ninth Ward was rendered 100% inhabitable. SBP’s founding mission was to rebuild the devastated area.

It takes 15-20 years to recover from a natural disaster. Christian Jones ’19, TJ DeWees ’20, Aidan Garret ’19, Christine Hoffmann ’19, Bryanna Stuard ’19, Emma Sauer ’19, and Meggie Suffoletta ’19 witnessed firsthand the lasting effects of Katrina. According to Aidan, whose brother Liam ’15 went on the first New Orleans mission trip, “entire blocks are still empty or nearly empty.”

While the students were primarily there to serve the community, they also had the opportunity to enjoy the culturally rich city of New Orleans, learn about AmeriCorps through SBP, visit the Katrina museum, and bond with their fellow classmates.

For more information on the New Orleans Mission Trip, please talk to a member of the Spiritual Life Office.