Mother Teresa’s Lessons of Love and Secrets of Sanctity: A Student's Perspective

Mother Teresa’s Lessons of Love and Secrets of Sanctity: A Student's Perspective

On Wednesday, April 5th, Roger Bacon was lucky enough to have Ms. Susan Conroy speak to our juniors and seniors about her time with recently canonized Mother Teresa. Ms. Conroy had a firsthand personal relationship with St. Teresa of Calcutta. Her talk centered around this saint’s messages of love, life, service, faith and joy. Mother Teresa gave Ms. Conroy permission to write a book about her experiences (Mother Teresa’s Lessons of Love and Secrets of Sanctity). Ms. Conroy has appeared on the global Catholic television network EWTN and was selected to be the voice of EWTN at the canonization of St. Teresa of Calcutta in 2016.

Below is a reflection written by senior, Courtney Niesen.

At Roger Bacon, service is a paramount aspect of student life. When the juniors and seniors sat down in the Fine Arts Center on Wednesday, April 5th, to listen to Susan Connor, they thought it was going to be another simple talk about why service is, in fact, so monumental to the community; but it was much more than that. Susan spoke elegantly of her experiences with St. Theresa of Calcutta and even more so with regards to the dying untouchables of India. A key aspect of her story that stuck with the Roger Bacon community was having an attitude of gratitude. In response to the various stories she told of the impact her journey had on other audiences, students at RB were equally moved and touched by the humility of one woman working together with the beautiful soul, Mother Theresa.

"It taught me not to take things for granted," Thomas Dalid '17 said. " I have done that in the past, but now I realize I have a lot more than I could ever ask for." Along with Thomas, many students realized that they have a lot more to give than they know and a lot more possessions than anyone that came along in Ms. Connor's stories. Hearing about the thousand destitute souls laying on the streets at night with rats and cockroaches crawling over them opened the eyes of many students here at RB. Being able to picture these situations and then imagine how Mother Theresa overcame and then embraced the"monsters" of the street was truly up-lifting. "God's light can shed through the poorest of conditions," senior Jerrel Harper noticed. This statement was proven and grew exponentially during Susan's talk shown through her anecdotes: helping orphans in pain, holding someone in their last breathe, Mother Theresa herself.

One of the most touching stories from Susan herself was the story of a young orphan: the little terrorist. All the young boy needed to calm down was someone to hug him. After Susan hugged him, he no longer was crazy and attacked those around him. In response to this, junior Maddie Gullette said, " The smallest things in life, for us, could be the biggest change in attitude for someone else."

Alongside these three RBHS students, the entirety of the Bacon Junior and Senior class were able to witness the humility of Mother Theresa through someone else's eyes and how her kindness affected the lives of many, not only in Calcutta, but throughout the world.