Freshmen design t-shirt for local non-profit: Pray, Hope, Believe

Freshmen design t-shirt for local non-profit: Pray, Hope, Believe

The freshman class has been working hard over the last few weeks on advocating for a local non-profit. Part of this unit involved creating a business and producing a t-shirt. The finalists presented to the entire freshman class and were judged by individuals from the University of Cincinnati’s Economic Center. The judges were impressed by all the groups, but ultimately there had to be a winner. According to the judges the following is what set the group consisting of Ella Baur, Tori Gruenwald and Alex Wolf apart: “It was a true pleasure to see the product of hard work this morning. I know that all teams were deserving but we unanimously determined that DON’T STOP BELIEVING – PRAY, HOPE, BELIEVE was the winning team.

The highlights were:

Great personal stories

Well done research

Good team participation

Video was great

The concept of incorporating all of the words from the video into the shirt design created personal attachment to the project.

Didn’t read off of slides.”

The group of freshmen are very proud of their accomplishments. Tori was named the group's CEO, while Ella was named the Art and Advertisement Director as well as the Tech Director. Alex is the team’s Treasurer and said the hardest part about this project was buckling down and working on it, in true freshmen form.

The team’s goal is to sell at least 50 t-shirts. The price of the shirts are $12.00. They hope the Spartan Army steps up and buys a shirt to support Pray, Hope, Believe. Ella says, “This isn’t our shirt, it was their (the school’s) shirt. The students gave us the content for our Spartan head and we think it turned out great!”

If you are interested in buying a t-shirt, please e-mail the group’s Treasurer, Alex Wolf ( with your t-shirt size.


What makes a Spartan? Freshman T-Shirt Competition from Roger Bacon High School on Vimeo.