Class of 2018 Top Ten - Week 4

Class of 2018 Top Ten - Week 4

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 Top Ten!

For the next five weeks, we will showcase the students who, through their hard work and dedication, are graduating at the top of their class.

4: Courtney Dulaney

Acceptances:  Northern Kentucky University and Thomas More College
College and Major:  Northern Kentucky University – Psychology
Total Scholarships Offered:  $38,800

As a current member of our Assisi Scholar Program, Courtney will continue being a part of a community of learners by joining Northern Kentucky University’s Honors College. Not only is it a selective academic program, but there are increased leadership, study abroad, and internship opportunities.

Choosing NKU was intuition. “I liked the atmosphere on campus – it was a gut feeling that it is the right fit for me.”

Courtney will be studying psychology because of her interest in science and emotions. “I want to help people with the things you don’t see, but still know are there.”

3: Julia Mumper

Acceptances:  University of Dayton, Miami University – Oxford, Ohio University, and Ohio State University
College and Major:  Miami University – Oxford – Psychology and Pre-Medical Studies
Total Scholarships Offered:  $246,000

Julia is continuing a family legacy at Miami University. “I have a lot of family tradition there. My grandfather was an accounting professor and my grandmother was a statistics professor. My parents actually met while students on campus.”

She is looking forward to meeting new people and stepping out of her comfort zone. “I am going to push myself to be less shy and challenge myself to take the harder courses without direction from my parents.” Julia is also looking forward to continuing her participation in outreach and join community service clubs.

When asked to reflect on her time at Roger Bacon, Julia said; “I transferred my junior year and was pushed academically in way that I wasn’t before. Even though I was only here for two year, I am taking with me the feeling that I am part of something larger. I will always be a Spartan.”


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