Class of 2017 Top Ten - Week 3

Class of 2017 Top Ten - Week 3

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 Top Ten!

For the next five weeks, we will showcase the students who, through their hard work and dedication, are graduating at the top of their class.

6. Abby Merz

Acceptances:  University of Cincinnati, Indiana University, Ohio State University, University of Kentucky, Denison University and University of Pittsburgh
College and Major:
  University of Cincinnati Linder College of Business - Business Administration
Total Scholarships Offered:

Abby chose the University of Cincinnati, not only because it made sense financially, but she was accepted to the Kolodzik Business Scholars Program. The Scholars Program is a part of the Business Honors Program and she was one of forty students selected. “I couldn’t pass that up.It gives me opportunities that the other schools did not.” According to the University of Cincinnati’s website, the Kolodzik Business Scholars Program provides its students with multidisciplinary academics and focused global experiences in conjunction with real-world professional experiences to prepare them for successful careers.

Abby also chose UC because she likes the diversity on campus. “Roger Bacon made me aware of the importance of being around people of different backgrounds.It is something that I truly value.”

Her friends agree that her Twitter account describes her perfectly – moderately risky. “While I like to think about what I do, I am not afraid of a challenge; I am not afraid to be different; and I am definitely not afraid to push the envelope.”

5. Ben Hoffmann

Acceptances:  United States Military Academy at West Point, University of Cincinnati, Purdue University
College and Major: 
United States Military Academy at West Point – Mechanical Engineering
Total Scholarships Offered:

Ben visited West Point at the end of his sophomore year for a week-long Summer Leadership Experience and fell in love with the campus and lifestyle. When asked why he decided on attending West Point, Ben responded, “You do not say ‘No’ to West Point.”

Over 10,000 students applied for 1,200 cadetships to the United States Military Academy at West Point.According to Jenny Kilgore, Congressional District Coordinator, “West Point is considered the most challenging school to get into and has one of the top engineering programs in the country.”

Roger Bacon gave Ben an advantage when going through the application and interview process. “They look for well-rounded people. Being at a small school, I was able to get involved in many activities, sports, and leadership positions.”

Ben will be the first member of his family to go out of state for school. “It is going to be tough.I have a big family and we are all very close, but I know I will adapt and make friends.”


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