Be Relentless!

Be Relentless!


Brandon McIntosh '98 and Brandon Spaeth '11 have teamed up in efforts to raise awareness and spread the word of what it means to "Be Relentless". This all stemmed from an article that was written last month by Adam Baum of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Click here to view the story from the Cincinnati Enquirer. The slogan "Be Relentless" features the two letters "RB" that can be seen in the Roger Bacon school logo. 

McIntosh is the founder of "The Team Relentless, LLC". Being relentless is something he preaches and lives about 24/7. He says that, “Team Relentless is about being honest, creating productive habits and carrying confidence that inspires all." Brandon is in the process of writing his own book about what it means and how to live a "Relentless" life!

Spaeth (Spirit Shop manager) saw this opportunity to help out a fellow alum and good friend. He says, "Brandon is a strong supporter of Roger Bacon and embodies everything it means to be a 'Spartan'. I am more than happy to help him build his brand and spread his message through this partnership!" 

100% of the money raised will go towards "The Team Relentless, LLC". 

Shirts should arrive during the last week of March!

Click here to download the order form!