Assisi Scholars headed to Italy

Assisi Scholars headed to Italy

On Wednesday, September 21 eighteen seniors from Roger Bacon High School departed on a week-long pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome, Italy. The trip is the culmination of three years in the Assisi Scholars Program. As pilgrims, the students will be walking in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi, visiting the Basilicas of St. Francis and St. Clare, and Vatican City. 

The Class of 2017 Assisi Scholars include Zoe Bay, Jacob Bruns, Hannah Clark-Havron, Emily Engel, Renae Finan, Hannah Funk, Ben Hoffman, Liza Hoopes, Sam Johnstone, Renae Koch, Tony Luken, Craig McGee, Abby Merz, Courtney Niesen, Audrey Rieger, Jacob Sauer, Olivia Ungruhe, Ally Woeste.

Joining the scholars on the trip are Principal, Steve Schad, Business Manager, Michael Engel, Intervention Specialist, Samantha Carpenter, as well as two students from Oldenburg Academy and their Principal, Brian McFee.

Day 1

The scholars’ flight arrives in Rome and they make the 90-minute trip to Assisi via bus. On their first day they will go on the Assisi walk, a historical visit of the city and participate in the La Rocca Peace Prayer service. The scholars will also spend the day learning different cultural customs and manners.

Day 2

The childhood and early life of St. Francis will be explored by visiting Chiesa Nuova, San Rufino, and Santa Maria Maggiore. The scholars will also walk the hills of the Rieti Valley.

Day 3

The conversions of St. Francis and St. Clare will be explored as the scholars visit the San Damiano Cross. The pilgrims will celebrate the Eucharist at San Damiano followed by a healing ritual.

Day 4

The scholars will visit the Porziuncula (port-zee-unc-u-la), the church that St. Francis literally rebuilt. They will celebrate the Eucharist inside the chapel. The scholars will also visit San Rufino d'arce, the place where St. Francis cared for the lepers.

Day 5

The scholars visit the tomb of St. Francis in the Bascillica of St. Francis. They will also visit Carceri, a wilderness retreat for St. Francis and his brothers to spend time in prayer mediation.

Day 6

The pilgrims will be on the move to Greccio and Rome. Greccio is the location where St. Francis constructed the first nativity scene. Later in the day the Scholars will walk through the streets of ancient Rome.

Day 7

The scholars will visit St. Peter’s Basilica and celebrate Mass with Pope Francis I.

Be sure to follow their journey on Twitter @AssisiScholars for photos and updates.