Archbishop Leibold Home: Student Reflection

Each month, Community Outreach heads to the Archbishop Leibold home to play BINGO with the residents. Sophomore, Christine Hoffmann reflected on her time spent there. We hope more students  come out to the next BINGO night in January.

"I have had several positive experiences while volunteering at the Archbishop Leibold Home. I honestly don’t go to the Archbishop Leibold Home for service hours, I go because I love the residents and their vibrant personalities. I especially enjoy listening to the residents as they proudly talk about their children or what life was like when they were a kid. It is also wonderful to see their faces light up when they realize they have “BINGO” and win a quarter, or when they holler “CHICKEN LEGS” when a student calls B11.

Something that surprised me about interacting with the residents at Archbishop Leibold Home is how open they are with us and how thankful they are that we came to spend time with them. The residents never fail to make me smile and laugh throughout the whole night. I appreciate them as much as they appreciate us!"

~Christine Hoffmann

Class of 2019