Academic Team takes down Seton High School

The Varsity Academic  Team launched the start of their season with a thrilling victory over Seton High School. After two rounds the Spartans were slightly behind, but a true team effort allowed the Spartans to pull away with the win. Key players in the game were Ben Leo '17, Rashawn Manigan '17, David Mills '17, Noah Nixon '17, Ben Woeste '18 and Bridget Woeste '18. The team is excited for future competitions where they hope to have a great season.
The JV Academic team dominated the competition at their first meet yesterday against Seton. Congratulations to the new recruits Andy Gruenwald '19, Emma Sauer '19 and Christine Hoffman '19 who joined returning members Tyonna Jordan '18 and Shannon Seiler '19. Andy and Emma took control in the lightning round and Tyonna, Christine and Shannon covered the categories and alphabet round. It was a tight match at first with a battle for the lead, but Bacon beat Seton by 13 points.