2019 Science Fair

2019 Science Fair

Roger Bacon High School hosted a science fair for their current students and grade school students from around the area for the third year in a row. Congratulations and Thank you to all who participated and volunteered this year. You make the science fair the success that it is! 

The following Projects/Students earned Superior Ratings on their projects and are able to continue on to the Regional level at the University of Cincinnati in March if they are interested:

For the Individual Projects:

-Does Playing Violent Video Games Affect HBP? By Daniel Cartuyvelles '21

-The Biggest Loser by Jayden Hackworth '20

-Shoe Bacteria by Lily Crigler '21

-Rolling Racers by Jordyn Broenner '22

-Which Cleaner Works Best? By Anna Juengling '20

-Testing the Accuracy of Eyewitness Testimony by Kloe Young '20

-Magic or Magnets by John Lehmann '21

-The Effects of Composted Soil on Plant Life by Brooklyn Myers '22

-Diamagnetism and Its Relationship to Electrical Conductivity by Dylan Cianciolo '22

-Effects of Soap on pH by Jacob Beyer '19

For the Team Projects:

-Edible Water Bottle 2.0 by Lauren Fitzsimmons '21, Paige Hodge '21, and Cheyenne Strotman '21

-Cupcake Mania by Kaitlyn Grantmaier '21 and Anna Kowalski '21

-Memorization and Music by Corinne Crowe '22 and Dylan Rolfert '22

-Spread Solutions, Not Pollution by Haley Fulton '20 and Anna Merz '20

-The Effects of Aluminum Foil on Batteries by Philip Bachman '21, Ollie Boeres '21, Cory Schaefer '21, and Charlie Strunc '21

-Sound Waves and Sand Patterns by Olivia Hoffmann '21 and Mary Walls '21

-Mice Meals by Lindsay Ballinger '20, Anna Janzen '20 and Karly Niesen '20

-The Music in Drawing by Krishna Samson '22 and Ariel Swanson '22

From the above list there are four projects that won within their subject category. Each category winners will share $250.

For Chemistry the winning project was Cupcake Mania by Kaitlyn Grantmaier '21 and Anna Kowalski '21.

For Physics the winning project was a tie between Magic or Magnets by John Lehmann '21 and Diamagnetism and Its Relationship to Electrical Conductivity by Dylan Cianciolo '22.

For Biology the winning project was The Biggest Loser by Jayden Hackworth '20.

And for Engineering the winning project was Rolling Racers by Jordyn Broenner '22.

On top of winning in their category, one project was our overall winner earning an additional $500. This year’s overall Science Fair winner is the project The Biggest Loser, by Jayden Hackworth '20! 

Also, two grade school groups from St. Ignatius earned Superior Ratings: CO2 Scrubber by Trevor Ogilvie and Isaiah Roman and Which Painkiller Dissolves Fastest? By Jessica Berwanger and Hana Winchester. The CO2 Scrubber won 1st place from our grade school groups and Which Painkiller Dissolves the Fastest? is the 2nd place winner. 

Congratulations to all of our winners and Superior Rating Earners! We look forward to seeing all that you can come up with for next year’s science fair!