2019 Assisi Scholar Capstone Presentations

On Wednesday, March 20 and Thursday, March 21, the Assisi Scholars presented their Capstone Presentations. Below is a list of all of the presenters and their topics. (Italics represents the actual title of the presentation and parenthesis represents just the topic.) 

1. Jacob Beyer: (Sleep Deprivation and School Start Times)

2. Emily Bruns: (Preparing for a College Audition (music)

3. Destinee Byrd: Origins of Racism

4. Victoria Childers: Perceptions of Nursing

5. Jack Clevidence: (Cost Effective Mechanical Hands)

6. Rebecca Dance-Hill: Sports Psychology

7. Andrew DeMain: (Business Plan for a Bagel Shop)

8. Mary Kate DeWees: (Product Brands)

9. Darek Drago: Conserving Our Planet

10. Thomas Dunn: Soccer in America

11. Aidan Garrett: Advertising: Where It Has Gone and Where It is Going

12. Andrew Gruenwald: (Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship….).

13. Christine Hoffmann: Virtual Reality (VR) in Medicine

14. Allie Holt: Holt Bridal

15. Zackery Howell: (Impact of Appearance of Teeth on Success Perceptions)

16. Samantha Huber: (Female Athletes)

17. Jalyn Jackson: (Female Sports Related Injuries)

18. Erin Koch: Cultural Influences on Blues

19. Anneliese Lorsbach: (Raising Backyard Chickens)

20. Lauren Middendorf: Therapy Dogs

21. Emma Mullen: Food Deserts in Cincinnati

22. Anna Perry: Humans of Cincinnati

23. Sam Placke: (History and Future of Drones)

24. Emma Sauer: Becoming Bea (a race horse transformation)

25. Shannon Seiler: Migraines and Mindfulness

26. Megan Suffoletta: (Environmental Issues)