2018 Open House

2018 Open House

Thank you to all those involved in our Open House on October 28 – it was our largest attendance in years! We had great representatives from the Student Ambassadors, to Franciscan Friars, alumni, and members of the Board. It was a great day with a lot of smiling faces!

Below please read a few quotes from families who attended our event - we hope if you joined you had the same experience!

“People really talk to you here. Other open houses just showed us the classrooms and where everything is. The girl touring us was really talking to my son. She was telling us stories, asking us questions, and really seemed interested in us. The teachers did too, which I couldn’t believe. My son doesn’t talk that much to his teachers now, and he was up there blabbing away.”

“Roger Bacon is just really impressive. We went to three other (same sex) schools, and this place just stands out. It is really different and really impressive. You could tell by the look on my son’s face. He was reacting differently. He has been smiling since he walked in.”

“You guys have it all. You really have it all.”

We asked a few current parents what they found special about Roger Bacon High School. Click here to watch what they had to say.

To see pictures from the day, be sure to head over to our Facebook page.