2017 First Semester Lip Sync

2017 First Semester Lip Sync

On the last day of the first quarter, the Spartan Army was entertained by our Intro to Acting Classes for the much anticipated Lip Sync Battles! Last year, Ms. Murray introduced our community to the fun activity where students compete solo or in groups to some of the best songs of today and the past. This year, the competition was tight and the students prepared not only their lip syncing abilities, but great choreography. Congratulations to the winners from each bell:

2nd Bell Winners: Mr. Telephone Man - performed by Jimmy Mushaben, Amir Moore, Nick Pfriem, Nijal Mooney and Craig Moore.

5th Bell Winners: Bye, Bye, Bye - performed by Oscar Stehlin, Derek Drago, David Konate, John Ezenagu and James Thompson.

6th Bell Winners: 1,000 Miles - performed by Tre Frye and Malakai Johnson.


Great job to all the participants and thanks to everyone who took time out of their day to support or performers!


See the winning performances and photos over on our Facebook Page.