2017 Academic Awards Night

2017 Academic Awards Night

Congratulations to the 227 students who were recognized for all their hard work in the classroom this school year. 47% of our school was at the event for being on honor roll, joining the Assisi Scholars and receiving scholarships for the 2017-2018 school year. Please click the link below to see all students who were recognized at the event. Some more statistics from the Athletic Office are:

168 of the students recognized are student-athletes. That equates to 74%

All four of the Academic GPA Award winners are student-athletes.

14 Scholarships were given out – 12 of them are student-athletes = 86%

Great job to all of your Spartans on their hard work this past year.

2017 Academic Awards Night Program

To see pictures from the evening head on over to our Facebook page.