Jillian Leonard

Class of 2020

Face of RB - Jillian Leonard

Jillian Leonard '20, likes to spend her time outside of school, using her imagination. "I really like creative writing - I enjoy reading books and being in the theater." Jillian is a graduate of STARS, a summer camp dedicated to drama. As a graduate, she now has the opportunity to help teach the current campers and be a part of the tech crew. "Being a part of this summer camp has been a lot of fun. It has given me tools to enhance my performance in the upcoming school musical." Jillian is a member of the ensemble for the upcoming spring musical, Oklahoma! According to Drama teacher, Ms. Murray, "As a freshman, I am very excited to see Jillian involved in different activities. Having her a part of the Drama Guild has given me the opportunity to see her get to know her classmates more and become more comfortable on the stage. Jillian is also in my Set Design and Intro to Acting classes showing how much she loves the Fine Arts. Roger Bacon is definitely a great place for her to show her versatility and to shine bright!"

Ms. Murray is right, Jillian is an involved Spartan and has had the opportunity to thrive in high school. Not only is she a member of the Drama Guild, she is a Student Ambassador and plays soccer and underwater hockey. Jillian has made a lot of new friends while at RB, but her most cherished friendship has been one since grade school. Miriam Kolis, also a freshman, nominated Jillian for the Face of RB. Miriam says, "I think Jillian deserves to be the Face of RB because she works really hard in school (she's ranked third in the freshman class) and Jillian is very nice to everyone." When told that Miriam said these things about her, Jillian blushed and responded, "Miriam and I have been friends for a long time, we were both 'lab girls' at John Paul II." Jillian also mentioned that Miriam's father was the Deacon who baptized her at Our Lady of the Rosary where Jillian and her family are very involved.

"My Catholic faith is always there for me."

Jillian Leonard '20

Jillian's family is one of the host families for the Interfaith Hospitality Network, IHM, which hosts homeless families at local churches, one of them being OLR. "I really enjoy volunteering with IHM. I have the opportunity to get to know these families and it gives me a whole new perspective on what it means to be homeless." The idea of taking care of others and treating people as a family is Jillian's favorite part of being at RB. "People really lift each other up here, and I cherish the family atmosphere at Roger Bacon." Being Catholic is a big part of Jillian's life. "I think my favorite Franciscan value is Catholic because it is a good way to live. I have loved being a part of my parish growing up and my Catholic faith is always there for me." The Spartan Army is fortunate to have Jillian in its ranks; her imaginative mind, kind-heart and appreciation for Catholic education make Roger Bacon a better place. 

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