Olivia Ungruhe

University of Cincinnati

Face of RB - Olivia Ungruhe

The Assisi Scholar Program has deeply affected my academic and spiritual life. Obviously, the program pushed me to take the hardest courses possible. However, it also gave me and great opportunity to visit awesome exhibits, like the Sign Museum and Drake Medical Center.

Regarding my spirituality, the Assisi Scholar Program helped me enrich my Franciscan values and Catholic faith. Learning more about St. Francis and St. Clare in the town where they walked, ate, and worshipped was so moving. It really helped me see God in the present, through the past.

Another large thing this program gave me was a family. Every student in the program is my close friend who I would 100% count on. We grew up together and were able to go on this adventure together. It is something that I will never forget and will forever cherish.

Olivia Ungruhe, Roger Bacon Class of 2017