Emily Miller

Class of 2018

Face of RB - Emily Miller

As the Assisi Pilgrimage approaches, Emily is eager for her first trip out of the United Sates.When Emily imagines the trip, she thinks about how fortunate she is to be having this experience at this point in her life.

Emily’s first three years at Roger Bacon have gone quickly.Playing soccer since first grade, Emily is now enjoying her fourth year playing soccer at RB.Currently she plays outside mid field.

Next year at this time, Emily plans to be enrolled in a Professional Writing program at a university.She visited the University of Kentucky’s Rising Scholars Program and the University of Cincinnati to learn about the psychology and writing programs offered at these schools.

According to Emily, “I am extremely blessed to even be attending Roger Bacon, let alone being an Assisi Scholar.Those who know me will tell you that at times I can be a bit intense with my dedication to my schoolwork and grades. Some may even call it obsessive.My parents have always told me ‘school comes first’ and I’ve always taken that to heart. I’m taking five Advanced Placement classes this year, not because I’ve lost my mind, but because I want to take every possible opportunity to learn.

There are times when I feel as though I may be in over my head with the Assisi Scholar program, but there is always someone to reassure me whether it be a teacher or a fellow scholar.To think that I’m a senior and that college is on the horizon is mind boggling, but I know in the back of my mind that I have been beyond well prepared, and I am excited for what the future holds.