Abby Merz

University of Cincinnati

Face of RB - Abby Merz

The Assisi scholars program pushed me academically in high school and gave me a cohort of people to refer to as I went through the years of honors and AP classes. I believe the Assisi Scholars coursework prepared me get into the business honors program, Kolodzik Business Scholars in the Lindner College of Business at UC. I found my transition into college to be easier since I knew how to handle a heavy course load from high school. I am currently triple majoring with Marketing/Business Analytics/ Interdisciplinary Studies (thanks to credit I came in with!)

The Assisi scholars are still some of my best friends from high school and I cherish the memories we shared, including our trip to Italy. I can’t think of many schools that offer a free program to travel with your closest friends!

Abby Merz, Roger Bacon Class of 2017