Emma & Christine


Face of RB - Emma & Christine

Meeting in Theology class in freshman year 2015-16 was a very lucky event for two current juniors, Emma Sauer and Christine Hoffmann. Both girls were looking to expand their friendship circles, and they did not have to look too far to discover the many interests that they had in common. As the expression goes…”they clicked.” During sophomore year, one of the Homecoming events included dressing as a favorite character. They decided to dress as their favorite twins, Annie and Hallie from The Parent Trap. This activity cemented their friendship and the reputation they now have as “inseparable.” Since then, they have shared many happy times together playing tennis, horseback riding, and playing Ultimate Frisbee. To Christine, “My favorite things about being best friends with Emma are the nonstop laughs, huge smiles, abundant inside jokes and random adventures we share.” They even spend substantial time together during the summer working as lifeguards at Greenhills Pool.

Both Emma and Christine love the sciences. Christine plans a career in the medical field, and Emma is undecided, but she is certain it will be a career in science. Emma says, “The best part of being best friends with Christine is that I always have a partner for projects, science fair, or class assignments. She’s definitely my biggest supporter at school and at sports events.”

When it comes to food, they have very different preferences. Emma likes seafood and Asian dishes, while Christine likes classic American food—Moo Goo Gia Pan meets Mac and Cheese. Both like funny movies, but you will never find Christine in a scary movie with Emma who loves horror films. When Emma adopted a new puppy this summer, the Welsh Corgi named Pippa bonded with Christine. The two friends laugh and call Christine her godmother.

As Assisi Scholars both girls are looking forward to the pilgrimage next September. They know that the trip with further solidify the bond that they have with their Assisi Scholars cohort group and each other. Will they eventually go to the same university? Who knows?