2020 Scholars

Air Force Museum

Face of RB - 2020 Scholars

After many days of snow and blustery winds, spring weather welcomed the twenty-four Assisi Scholars Class of 2020 on their field trip to Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum.The massive structures in Dayton, Ohio house exhibits that cover aviation history from the days of the Wright brothers through contemporary space exploration.

Scholars viewed aircraft from one of the many exhibit locations at the museum. On this field trip, students were astounded by the thirteen planes that are artfully positioned in the Presidential Gallery.Planes and helicopters that have been used by the President of the United States since the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy and William J. Clinton are on display.Many of these air craft are available for the visitors to walk through to get a close view of the interiors.Other exhibits that the students enjoyed included early space crafts, drones, Titan missiles, and planes from the United States engagements in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

Jacob Mumper, who found the engine exhibits particularly interesting commented, “The Air Force Museum is really cool and fascinating.I liked the space travel exhibit and the displays that feature the evolution of jets and flight technology.”

After the 90-minute tour, the students enjoyed lunch in the Valkyrie Café that featured many tasty selections and particularly delicious French fries.The docents who led the tour commented that Roger Bacon students are some of their favorites because of their excellent questions and good manners.According to Anna Janzen, “This museum opened my mind to how much engineering is involved in the development of these aircraft, and engineering is a field that interests me.”