Alumni Profiles

1931 - Citzen and Domina Angelorum

The 1931 Class of RB had the distinction of being the only class with a yearbook entitled, “The Citizen.” Their distinguished list of alumni included Joe Link, who went on to be a legendary faculty member at Xavier University, and Jerry Schildmeyer, a fine man and leader of the Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery for many years. Coach Eddie Burns led the Spartan basketball team to the State Tournament.

According the the 1931 OLA yearbook, the class cast a shadow in the school memories. Could their class have been the original GLEE? The senior class made the journey to Oldenburg to visit the Franciscan Mother House, a journey still made occasionally today by Roger Bacon students, albeit a faster route using the interstate. Who would have believed Imwalle Memorial Funeral Service, an advertiser in the 1931 yearbook, would be the future home of Wiedemann Brewery?