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Senior Scholarship Information

Every year we receive questions from parents about agencies and companies selling their services to help students find scholarships. As counselors, we do not endorse products and services but encourage parents and students to do some careful research prior to any investment. We are also warned to be alert for scholarship scams where it is necessary to pay a fee to be eligible for a scholarship. Scholarship Scam information is available here. There are many excellent free resources available, a few of which are listed below.

College Data

Choose, prepare, apply and pay for college with advice and tools. Get college admission help. Search for colleges & scholarships.


This is the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” The web site has a wealth of information with links.

Visit Financial Aid Toolkit FAFSA Changes to learn more about the 2017-2018  changes to the FAFSA. 


The Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

Federal Student Aid

This is a great source of information about financial aid and college planning that is administered by the U.S. Dept of Education.


FAFSA4caster helps you map out your financial aid package.


This is the leading Internet scholarship search.

Good Call

Feeding you the best scholarships.

The Christian Connector

Provides free christian college and scholarship information.


This is a free financial aid information site but you will need to create an account, at no cost, to maintain the privacy of your information. FinAid was established in 1994 as a public service.

Online Learning

Resource for colleges and universities offering online courses and degree programs. Information about earning credit with CLEP® and DSST testing.

The Ohio Board of Regents

This site has information about higher education in Ohio and information about financial aid in Ohio


The FSA ID has replaced the US Government PIN to electronically sign Federal Student Aid documents.

Federal Student Aid Resources

This site has documents and videos from College Prep Checklist to filling out the FAFSA.

Scholarship Fraud Prevention Act of 2000

Financial Aid Options for Art Students

Accredited Schools Online offers information on financial aid options for online art schools.

Private Student Loans Guide - Eligibility, Costs, Repayment, and Warning

This guide is to help students and parent navigate the confusing process of student debt.