Theology Department


Mrs. Kate Romolo


Ms. Alicia Ausere
Ms. Allie Brizzi
Fr. Mark Hudak, OFM
Fr. Roger Lopez
Mr. Michael Mason



Theology 9: Franciscan Course, Personal Identity, and Understanding Catholicism

.5 Credit      Semester

This course begins with an understanding of our Franciscan heritage. It then addresses the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of the freshman student, with a special emphasis on student identity and sexuality. Finally, it gives a general introduction to the development of faith according to the Christian tradition from a Roman Catholic perspective.

Theology 9: Hebrew Scriptures

.5 Credit      Semester

This course is a survey of the Hebrew Scriptures. It begins by teaching the student how to read, understand and apply a Biblical text. It then studies the various books of Hebrew Scriptures, with special emphasis placed on the Torah. The historical and prophetic books as well as the various types of wisdom literature are also covered.

Theology 10: Christology

.5 Credit      Semester

This course explores the person and the message of Jesus as found in the four gospel portraits of Christ. The background, major themes, and content of each gospel are discussed. Special emphasis is placed on calling the student to live the Gospel message.

Theology 10: Church History

.5 Credit      Semester

This course traces the development of Christianity, and particularly Roman Catholicism, from its Judaic origins through the major historical periods of the Church. The focus throughout this historical study is understanding the involvement of humanity in God’s plan of salvation.

Theology 11: Christian Morality and Social Justice

1 Credit      Year

This course examines various methods of making moral decisions and the core concepts of conscience, sin, freedom, law, and dignity. The student then is called to apply these to Christian life.

Theology 12: Call to Holiness

.5 Credit      Semester

This course challenges each person to understand the universal call to holiness. It focuses on sexuality, love, and interpersonal relationships in light of the Gospels. It emphasizes the individual call to single, married, religious, or ordained life.

Theology 12: World Religions

.5 Credit      Semester

This course begins by defining what “religion” is, how “religious awareness” has developed and is still developing, and how religion continues to be an important aspect of our world. The course introduces the concept of cultural/religious pluralism in order to encourage appreciation, cooperation and peace among all of the world’s cultures, nations, and religions.

Pop Culture and Christian Philosophy

.5 Credit      Semester      Open to grades 11-12

This is an introductory course to Christian philosophy through pop culture. A strong focus will be placed on responding to common trends in regards to faith. The course will introduce apologetics that aids a person of faith and evangelization of the faith. Pop culture case studies may include The Simpsons, Batman, Harry Potter, The Matrix, South Park, and Kay and Peele.


.5 Credit      Semester      Open to grades 10-12, may be taken more than once

This class provides a unique opportunity for students to develop real world skills by being philanthropists - giving of their time, talent, and treasure. Students participate in the Magnified Giving Student Philanthropy Program and engage in service initiatives. If you want to identify your talents, be a better communicator, and make an impact in the Cincinnati community, this is the class for you.

Liberation Theology

.5 Credit      Semester      Open to grades 11-12

Students will explore in detail the Catholic Social Teaching of Preferential Option for the Poor by exploring the work of Gustavo Gutierrez and Liberation of Theology. There will be a specific focus on Liberation Theology in Latin America. Students will also explore Black Liberation Theology and the Liberation Theology as it relates to women.