Health & Physical Education


Mr. Bill Braselton



.5 Credits      Semester

This one-semester class covers many topics including making healthy choices, managing stress, pregnancy and birth, food and nutrition, movement and coordination, personal care, preventing drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse, and first aid and C.P.R.

Physical Education*

.25 Credits      Semester

This one-semester course is designed to promote a sense of health, fitness, recreation, and a personal responsibility in being fit. Students are exposed to a variety of lifetime activities aimed at achieving a basic level of fitness including general physical conditioning, physical fitness testing, and various individual and team activities. The course involves activity and lecture. Weight training is also introduced as a method of fitness for life.

* This course will meet physical education requirements. However, a waiver of the requirement for Physical Education can be granted if a student completes two full seasons as a participant on an OHSAA approved inter-scholastic sports team.