Business & Technology


Bro. Chris Cahill



.5 Credit      Semester

This freshman level course is provided in partnership with Great Oaks. It is designed to develop a wide variety of communication and technology skills that are necessary for success in high school and beyond. Students will learn computer operations and keyboarding skills. This course also introduces the student to the appropriate use of the Internet, online databases, spreadsheets, and other library resources for research purposes. Students will also learn to use presentation software and other technologies that support communication and learning. At the end of the course, students will take the Microsoft Digital Literacy Certification exam.

Computer Software Integration (CSI)

.5 Credit      Semester      Pre-requisite: Communications

This course is provided in partnership with Great Oaks. It covers the use of the microcomputer in a professional environment with a focus on the innovative use of technology. Students will learn through the completion of projects that will allow them to develop valuable research skills as they engage in design, problem solving, decision making, and investigative activities. This course focuses on technology, the Internet, applications software, and Web technologies. Ethical issues are discussed. The following projects are included in the course:

  • PowerPoint presentations with hot spots, animation, and sound
  • Prezi presentations
  • Map your way to school with drawing tools in Word
  • School T-shirt design
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Dream living room design using Google Sketchup
  • Animation with Flash

Website Design

.5 Credit      Semester

In this course, provided in partnership with Great Oaks, students will gain an understanding of website development. This will include understanding important terms and creating websites using HTML codes, Dreamweaver and other software.

Business Foundations

.5 Credit      Semester      Open to grades 10-12

This course introduces students to specializations within the Administrative Services, Finance, and Marketing career fields. Students will obtain knowledge and skills in fundamental business activities. They will acquire knowledge of business processes, economics, and business relationships. Students will use technology to synthesize and share business information. Employability skills, leadership, communications, and personal financial literacy will be addressed.

Introduction to Computer Programming

.5 Credit      Semester

This course is an introduction to basic concepts of structured programming. The programming language used in this course is C++. The class is open to all students.

AP® Computer Science A

1 Credit      Year      Pre-requisite: Algebra II and TR Open to grades 11-12

This year-long course is designed to prepare students for the Computer Science A AP® Test administered by the College Board in May each year. The host language for the class is Java. It is open to juniors and seniors who have completed Algebra II, have demonstrated math and writing skills adequate for the course, and have the teacher’s recommendation.